Pet Hair Removal Brush


The Professional Rubber Pet Hair Removal Brush extracts pet hair, fur, and lint from carpets, upholstery, and rugs. The unique brush uses soft and thick rubber bristles to scrub and clean cloth and carpets. The Pet Hair Removal Brush instantly removes hair from seats, carpets, and upholstery. The large round rubber bristles gently comb through fabric to actively agitate embedded hair and fur, and create static electricity to attract more hair and fur from deep within the pile. Flip to the side of the brush to gently squeegee hair and fur from low-pile fabrics, glass, or countertops. The unique extra-large bristles and soft rubber composite material makes this brush 100% scratch-free on all fabric, glass, and upholstery surfaces. Use the Pet Hair Removal Brush on car seats, floor mats, and carpets, and even throughout the home, office, pet kennel, or on your own clothing. The Rubber Pet Hair Removal Brush is easily washed with soap and water. It is reusable, and saves money on refilling expensive sticky lint roller sheets. Choose Professional Rubber Pet Hair Removal Brush to clean hair and pet fur all around the car, home, and office.


We love everything about our pets and companions… except the constant shedding all over the house and car! Pet fur, human hair, and lint can be difficult to remove from carpet or clothing, and the cost of lint roller sheets adds up over time. Comb and remove stuck pet fur, hair, and lint with the Professional Rubber Pet Hair Removal Brush. The soft rubber bristles comb through carpet and fabric and gently pull strands of hair and fur to the surface. Push the fur along, then easily collect it with one quick swipe. The gentle scrubbing creates a mild static charge that attracts lint, fur, and hair like a magnet! Using the Rubber Pet Hair Brush actually pulls stuck hair and fur from deep within carpet for a thorough cleaning. Use the versatile rubber brush to pick up pet fur from carpet, cloth upholstery, or clothing without using any chemicals, electricity, or elbow grease. Spend less time cleaning up after your pets and more time loving them with the Professional Rubber Pet Hair Removal Brush.


Removing pet hair is always a chore. Traditional tools use clingy cloth, sharp metal combs, and disposable sticky sheets of paper to pick up pet fur and lint. The problem is clingy cloth brushes don’t work, metal combs scratch and damage cloth surfaces, and disposable sheets pollute the environment and cost money. The Professional Rubber Pet Hair Removal Brush effectively scrubs and pulls fur, hair, and lint from cloth, carpet, and clothing. Simply combing over a cloth surface with the Rubber Pet Hair Removal Brush charges the brush with static electricity, and attracts fur and hair like a magnet. The thick rubber brush is built with a durable metal wire core, and lasts for years of detailing use. The brush has no moving parts, requires no electricity or chemicals, and has no expensive disposable sheets to replace. The soft rubber is gentle on all carpets, cloth, and upholstery, and helps preserve the original look and feel of any surface it cleans. Choose the Professional Rubber Pet Hair Removal Brush for all pet fur, hair, and lint removal needs.

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