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    Glass polishing hand applicator, use it with CeriGlass to polish your windscreen or car glasses.

    use 100% calibrated wool (26 microns) (4,5 mm thickness)

    Size: L6 x W4.2 X H4.2 cm

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    CeriGlass is a special glass polishing system developed by the innovative technique of blending special ceramics (which include Cerium Oxide) together with other nano components and mild abrasives. CeriGlass deep cleans and polishes all glass surfaces with ease. It quickly removes acid rain spots, hard water spots, road film, and stubborn bird stains. It is also capable of removing fine to medium windshield wiper scratches and swirls.
    CeriGlass is so effective, it even removes fine to medium scratches. It leaves glass crystal clear and sparkling.
    The additional Hand polishing pad can be used for the removal of mild water spots.
    If you want to work efficiently on widespread severe water spots or light scratches use a combination of glass polishing machine (Rotary or DA) and use the CarPro glass polishing pad. (Purchased separately).
    When used with machine this polish can remove surface scratching from glass which can be created by salt and road grime that binds to your windscreen wipers.
    Will not distort glass.
    Can also be used to clean and brighten chrome and other metal surfaces.
    Not for use on aftermarket window tint, painted or coated glass.
    Can in some instances remove tiny pinhole pits in glass windows, (dependant on depth).
    150ml kit contains
    1 x 150ml CeriGlass polish
    1 x CarPro Cobra woven microfibre
    1 x Rayon hand applicator block
    How To Use:
    Cover the vehicle surfaces around the glass with plastic
    Shake well
    Apply small amount on the glass polish pad
    Work thoroughly on the glass surface one section at a time in overlapping motions.
    If the product starts to dry apply a spritz of water on the pad to extend the life of the polish (Important during the finishing stage for best finish)
    Repeat as necessary
    Rinse the surface with water, dry off with MF, and observe your work.
    Do not dry wipe the dust or residue off of painted surfaces. Wash or clean with plenty of water.

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    Glass Rayon Polishing Pad
    High Cutting
    Minimal Heat
    Stable Glass Cutting pads
    Hook/Loop backing Made in USA

    Cut: Glass, Minerals, Metals
    Function: Glass Cutting Pad
    Material: Rayon Lenzing Fiber
    Pores Per Inch: N/A
    Hardness: 1600kpa
    Diameter: 3″
    Thickness: 3/16″
    Color: White
    Hook/Loop Color: Red
    Pack Size : 1


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