• 13,93

    Notorious for collecting road grime, fender wells can be difficult to clean but this brush’s 

    long reach can help make short work of an otherwise grungy job. Its non-slip comfort grip and 

    lightweight ergonomic design helps you direct its extra-soft scratch-free bristles deep into 

    wheel wells. Also perfect for wheels and featuring a protective rubber bumper, the Mothers® 

    Fender Well Brush safely cleans while protecting your delicate finishes.When you need to gently scrub your wheels clean of road grime and brake dust, 

    this wheel brush is up to the task. Featuring a non-slip comfort grip and lightweight 

    ergonomic design, its extra-soft scratch-free bristles are also perfect for fender wells. 

    With its protective rubber bumper, the Mothers® Wheel Brush safely cleans while protecting 

    your delicate wheel finishes.

  • 9,95

    STW Goods Wheel Brush  This wheel brush has been designed to safely and effectively clean all areas of the wheel, including hard-to-reach crevices.

    The flexible bristles in the Meguiars Wheel Spoke Brush bend and adjust to tight areas, while the brush itself has enough freedom 

    of movement to enable cleaning behind the wheel. The safety tip on the end of the brush prevents accidental gauging or marring of your wheel’s finish.


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