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    CeraGat 500 High Performance Additive for use in all types of engines. 
    Highly effective additive packet with wear and tear resistant ceramic for reduced 
    friction and improved wear protection. It is also compatible with all mineral and 
    synthetic engine oils.

    Easy to use. Less running noise, reduced friction and wear ensure increased engine 
    performance and optimised fuel consumption. Reduces exhaust gas emissions.
    PU : 24 x 300ml
    Packing sizes : 300ml, 1L, 5L and other sizes available on request

    Add to the warm engine oil after every oil change
    300ml is sufficient to treat 6L of engine oil – for larger volumes, add 50ml per litre 
    engine oil
    Product works during operation
    After a mileage of 400 to 600km, the product reaches its optimum performance level
    Shake well before use
    Attention : Check engine oil level before application

  • GAT AirCon Cleaner for professional and efficient cleaning and disinfection of air-conditioning systems.

    Kills microorganisms such as bacterias and fungi quickly and safely
    Provides clean and fresh air
    Gives a pleasant and fresh odour in the vehicle interior
    Simple application
    No need for dismantling of the air-conditioning system
    PU 12 x 400ml
    Packing sizes : 400ml and other sizes available on request

    Shake can well before use
    Spray the product liberally onto the surface of the evaporator
    Let the product take effect for approximately 15 minutes
    Follow the manufacturer’s service recommendation for air-conditioning cleaning – 1 can (400ml) is sufficient for 1 to 2 applications

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    GAT AirCon Refresher Summer cleans and disinfects air condition and the interior of the vehicle.
    Eliminates unpleasant odours
    Kills effectively bacteria and other microorganisms
    Provides clean and fresh air
    Gives a pleasant and fresh odour to the vehicle interior
    Recommended for use every 6 months
    PU : 12 x 150ml
    Packing size : 150ml
    Shake can well before use
    Dry A/C system for 5 to 10 minutes at the following settings : 
    – Engine : on
    – A/C : off
    – Air flow : recirculating mode
    – Temperature : warm
    – Fan : maximum
    Put the AirCon Refresher Summer in the front passengers’ footwell
    Switch on A/C on recirculating mode, set fan at maximum, temperature on minimum
    Push down the spray nozzle
    Keep doors and windows closed
    – Can sprays out automatically within a maximum of 2 minutes
    Let A/C run for additional 5 minutes
    – Afterwards ventilate the interior of the vehicle properly

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    Add every 3 months to the fuel tank before filling up. Product works during operation, sufficient for

    up to 80 L fuel. For larger tank volumes add 0,5% of the filling content.


    Cleaning fluid – no fuel replacement!


    GAT CATClean is a new decarbonizing technology, specially developed to exceed the most recent

    environmental standards. CATClean dissolves resin, gum and carbon deposits in the entire fuel

    system, oxygen sensor/lambda probe and catalytic converter. For petrol, diesel and even hybrid

    engines. Ideal for 4-stroke engines.


    Prevents heavy contamination if its used regularly, increases fuel efficiency, optimized engine

    performance, ensures the proper function of the catalytic converter/oxygen sensor.

    PU 24 x 300 ml

    Packing sizes 300 ml // Art.nr. 62073

    1 L

    5 L

    10 L

    20 L

    // other sizes available on request

  • GAT Diesel System Clean & Protect
    GAT Diesel System Clean  & Protect contains a selected combination of active substances for improved engine performance and increased operational reliability. Deposits and residues of carbon oil and soot are properly dissolved and dispersed. Ensures lasting lubrication of the injection pump especially for low-sulphur diesel fuels. For use in all diesel engines. Also suitable for high pressure direct injection diesel engines with common rail technology or pump injectors.

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    GAT DPF Purifi er is a high-performance additi ve for use in all diesel aggregates to 
    reduce soot and exhaust gas emissions and to increase engine performance. 
    Compati ble with all diesel engines and suitable for all kind of diesel fuels.

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    GAT Engine Purifier is suitable for use in all diesel and petrol engines with or without turbocharger. It neutralises aggressive residues from the combustion process and reliably dissolves operationally caused contamination and resin formations in the complete oil system which can then easily be removed with the used oil during the oil change. GAT Engine Purifier contains highly effective anti-friction lubricants that reliably protect the engine during the cleaning process. 


    Only a clean engine can run on full power! Easy to use – no extra effort. It removes lastingly deposits and residues in the upper cylinder area e.g. from piston rings, annular gaps, hydraulic valve lifter and valve train. The results are a considerably improved and stable compression in all cylinders. Fuel and oil consumption as well as wear and tear are reduced. 

    Less harmful exhaust emissions support the environment and extend the life span of the catalytic converter

    Avoids recontamination of the fresh oil with residues and deposits of the used oil

    Does not contain environmentally harmful chlorine paraffins


    Add to the oil system before every oil change

    Let the engine idle for approximately 15 to 20 minutes

    Carry out the oil change according to the manufacturer’s instructions 

    – 300ml is sufficient for 5L oil

    – For larger capacities, add 60ml per liter of oil 

    – Product can be disposed of as waste oil

    PU : 24 x 300ml

    Packing sizes :  300ml, 1L, 5L, 10L, 20L and other sizes available on request

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    GAT Oil Booster – contains a highly effective additive package for increased 

    wear and tear protection properties of all types of engine oils. 

    Reduces wear and tear, protects against corrosion, prevents from

    deposits in the oil and lubrication system and combats harmful engine acids.


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