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    BLACK MAMBA  this is flagship product. Made with patented NITREX® polymer, this super strong (over 6.0 mils thick) powder free nitrile glove boasts 3 times the chemical and puncture resistance of a comparable thickness latex or vinyl glove.

    Mamba gloves Feature our grip rite finish for secure handling and dexterity even when working with fine objects.T

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    WORK STUFF Detailing Buckets – the highest quality buckets for washing cars.
    Main features:
    Strong HDPE material
    Metal handle
    Black Printed Logo, Rinse and Measurements
    20L capacity
    A useful scoop on the side of the bucket
    WORK STUFF Detailing Buckets – professional buckets for everyone.

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    3 Clay bars in one pack : Ultra Fine, Fine & Medium claysFine clay bar is a soft and very elastic, less sticky feeling in hands , 100g clay bar designed for light to medium claying and removal of everyday grime that builds up over time on your paint’s surface. These clay bars are designed for regular usage and maintenance without marking your paint’s surface and is perfectly safe for use with pH neutral lubricants and water as well .

    White – Ultra Fine
    Green – FineYellow – Medium

    Use on any ‘hard’ surface: paint, glass, wheels and plastic trim. Each 100g clay has its own plastic pack , to keep it highly maintained and re-use it again without a risk of dirt attach.

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    Fine Grade Clay Bar – 150 grams. Fine grade clay is formulated to correct surface contamination without an aggressive approach. 
    Does not require heavy pressure to correct serious surface problems. Ideal for new car preparation when general surface smoothing is needed. 
    Best choice for removal of iron particles and common airborne pollutants. Contains no silicone and is non-toxic. 
    Main features:

    High efficiency
    Useful storage box
    Weight 100g
    Hardness – Medium
    WORK STUFF Clay Bar user-friendly clay.

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    Melamine Sponge Magic Eraser – an amazing spot cleaner which does not use chemicals. Removes permanent marker ink, coffee and tea, oil, fat and so much more from walls, floors and almost all surfaces. Just moisten a corner and rub.

    Size: 110x63x38 mm

    Packing: 10 sponges in a plastic bag.

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    Not apparent but how easy it make everyday work easier. A neat glove box holder. Extremely universal, fits all sizes of packaging on the market. Made of high quality, durable steel. Precisely cut and bent, finally covered with a powder finish to provide an additional protective layer against oxidation. Mounted to the wall

    100% satisfied customers are the best review of this product.


    Length: 14 cm

    Width: 8 cm

    Height: 25 cm

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    A unique polyester blend microfiber made for interior car detailing. The special fabric yarn feels abrasive yet delicate enough for cleaning deeply leather pores, plastics, vinyl, fabrics, rubber and dashboard surfaces.


    The special fibers will remove ingrained dust efficiently and completely using our Inside: multi-purpose interior and leather cleaner.


    The glove shape is designed for flexibility and maneuverability inside the tight spaces of your vehicle interior.


    Lint free, durable and will survive many wash cycles.


    Due to mild abrasive nature of the fibre, we don’t recommend usage of InnerScrub on soft gloss interior plastics.


    Care instructions:


    Wash separate from your buffing towels,

    Use a washing machine gentle cycle, maximum 40c and liquid non bio detergent.

    Hang to dry naturally, or tumble dry on a low heat.

    Do not use fabric softeners or bio detergents, this will damage your microfibre towels

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    This is the 13 3/4″ model designed specifically for use on vehicles and a perfect choice for those who want to dry their vehicle in a blazing 1/3rd the time over chamois and towels alone.  The “Extender” end allows the Jelly Blade to reach into tight areas, and the “Detailer” end is great for recessed surfaces like side-view mirrors.  These additional features allow you to get virtually every drop of water off your ride easily.


    The jelly blade removes water quickly, cleanly, and efficiently.  It will mold itself to almost any contour, and dries the surface in one pass.  The blade is made of medical grade silicone, one of the most gentle and smooth substances available.  It will not scratch even the most delicate surfaces.  The patented V-Blade edge makes the blades the most versatile and efficient drying device ever.


    The jelly blade will last for years without maintenance since it has no parts.  It is all one molded peice of medical grade silicone.


    The jelly blade features an ultra flexible handle and comes in your choice of two colors (red or clear).  The blade is emblazoned with the raised “The Original California Water Blade” logo.  Made in the U.S.A.


    The jelly blade total length 13 3/4″.  V-Blade Length: 12 3/4″.  Height: 2 3/4″.

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    But the real purpose for inventing these wheel covers are professional detailers who want to prevent freshly cleaned and/or coated rims from being covered from abrasive dust.


    This set of 4 wheel covers is suitable for wheels up to 22″ in diameter and easily slips over the wheels without having to lift the vehicle or remove the wheels. Fully waterproof, they are also suitable for protecting delicate polished bare metal wheels from harsh chemicals during washing and decontamination of the paintwork. Those delicate surfaces can easily become stained from acids or alkalines such as snow foam, all purpose cleaners, fall out removers and more.


    Made from gentle yet durable material these covers will last hundreds of uses in a professional environment or a lifetime of use for storing your car without damaging your wheels or tyres.

    High tear resistance and durable material

    Breatheable and waterproof Set of 4 covers

    Prevents damage from dirt and scuffs during storage

    Designed for professional use

    Suitable for all weather use


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