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    Built-in pocket on this microfiber applicator pad helps you keep a grip as you detail your vehicle.
    Lint free
    Soft microfiber ideal for cleaners, waxes, protectants and polishes

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    BLACK MAMBA  this is flagship product. Made with patented NITREX® polymer, this super strong (over 6.0 mils thick) powder free nitrile glove boasts 3 times the chemical and puncture resistance of a comparable thickness latex or vinyl glove.

    Mamba gloves Feature our grip rite finish for secure handling and dexterity even when working with fine objects.T

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    The CarPro Hand Wash was designed with a dense, plush twin microfibre blend to ensure safe cleaning with low maintenance. 

    Our synthetic microfibre blend is designed to trap dirt and debris gently lifting them away from the surface to ensure a safe cleaning action on all delicate surfaces. 

    The single sided design reduces hand fatigue by reducing the amount of excess water held by traditional mitts while the soft mesh backing ensures you don’t drop it. 

    All white fibres allows visual inspection ensuring you don’t transfer dirt and debris back to your paintwork creating swirls.

    Minimal drag. 

    • Safe on all surfaces 
    • Low maintenance
    • Soft mesh backing
    • Reduces hand fatigue versus traditional mitts

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    CARPRO SUPER PLUSH MICROFIBER GLOVES feature a soft plush microfiber weave.

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    Cquartz “Foam Block” Applicator (Standard Size)
    Wrap with 10mm CarPro suede microfiber cloths
    Use to apply CQuartz, Finest, DLux, and other products
    With the CQuartz coatings this allows you to change the applicator cloth as needed because you do not want to re-use them if you have allowed the liquid glass nano particles to crystalize on a used applicator suede.
    Also an option for removal of hazed CQ when wrapped with fresh suede microfiber cloth
    Size: 40mm x 90mm x 24mm 
    Color: Stiff orange foam with black ultra-soft applicator foam on applicator side
    Wrap with MF Suede
    Dispose of 4″ Suede and replace as needed after use with CQuartz nano-coatings
    For larger suedes used for removal of coatings immediately soak in APC/water bucket until machine wash or else dispose of to avoid particles crystalizing on towel
    If using a foam block with PERL or other non CQ, products do not use the same Foam block for application of any of the nano-coatings or sealants.
    After use gently rinse applicator side of foam block, press dry, and allow to air dry completely before next use.

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    A unique polyester blend microfiber made for interior car detailing. The special fabric yarn feels abrasive yet delicate enough for cleaning deeply leather pores, plastics, vinyl, fabrics, rubber and dashboard surfaces.


    The special fibers will remove ingrained dust efficiently and completely using our Inside: multi-purpose interior and leather cleaner.


    The glove shape is designed for flexibility and maneuverability inside the tight spaces of your vehicle interior.


    Lint free, durable and will survive many wash cycles.


    Due to mild abrasive nature of the fibre, we don’t recommend usage of InnerScrub on soft gloss interior plastics.


    Care instructions:


    Wash separate from your buffing towels,

    Use a washing machine gentle cycle, maximum 40c and liquid non bio detergent.

    Hang to dry naturally, or tumble dry on a low heat.

    Do not use fabric softeners or bio detergents, this will damage your microfibre towels

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    The CarPro Merino Wool Wash Mitt is the ultimate in luxurious gentle auto wash tools and is a must have for anyone who loves their vehicle or cares for their quality of work they provide on others!  It’s one of my favorite products and by far the best mitt I have ever used. For those that like to be able to get in and out of the mitt without using your other hand this is a great feature.  For instance: with the mitt on a horizontal panel you can easily remove your hand with no effort whatsoever.  At the same time the mitt never slips off on it’s own.  Another benefit of this design is the pocket doesn’t rob wash solution at each visit to the bucket.  The stitching of this hand pocket is very durable.

    Our CarPro Wool Wash Mitt is specifically designed to offer all of the benefits of the most gentle wool available (100% Merino Wool) without the drawbacks of other wool mitts.  Unlike other large Merino Mitts our Mitt has a pocket for your hand which creates three distinct advantages. 

    – This aids in how simple it is to remove your hand from the mitt

    – Mitt easily dries out to avoid rotting like other wool mitts

    – Restricts the mitt from coming off your hand without consent

    – The backing of the CarPro Mitt is a key part of its design along with the incredible soft Merino Wool.  


    Easy on/off but dependable backing for your hand

    Super thick pile

    Paint Safe – Extremely Soft and Gentle

    Easy Rinse – Particles collected by the fibers are easily released

    Durability – Stitching and backing extremely durable as well


    100% Australian Merino Wool

    Size: 10″ x 6″ +/-

    Strand Length: 2 3/8″ +/-

    Texture:  Extremely soft

    Color: White with black backing for your hand

    How to get the most out of your Merino Wool Wash Mitt:

    Rinse well before first use: It is steam sterilized before shipping however as with any natural product and material that will touch your paint it is best to brush it out and rinse before its first use.

    After washing a vehicle rinse the mitt clean of all soap with hose nozzle

    Unlike other quality wool wash mitts that must be turned inside out to dry the hide as well (not always an easy process) this mitt is simply swung for a minute using centripetal force to remove the excess water from it.

    Then place on a clean grit guard or perforated plastic drain of some type (preferably face down) and allow to dry completely.

    Use a pet brush with sufficient spacing between the bristles (similar to what is pictured) and gently brush the mitt a couple times to keep fur from tangling over time.  

    It is normal to experience a little hair loss but there is no need to over brush your mitt

    Stow in a clean place for its next use.

    Washing Tips:

    Fill 5 gallon bucket 3/4 to the top

    Measure prescribed amount of car wash 

    Mix well with your arm

    Spray with hose to activate suds

    Spray down entire vehicle to remove all loose dirt

    Gently Wash from top down rinsing mitt out often

    Rinse Mitt in seperate rinse bucket with up and down motion – Always before placing it back in wash bucket to collect more solution

    Aggressive scrubbing actions should not be used.  Simply allow the mitt to glide back and forth.  Use a bug sponge for bugs that have been baked onto the paint.

    Use a seperate mitt for wheels with its own dedicated bucket

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    Excellent at its job , as a bonus it makes your tyre product last much longer!

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    A wash mitt designed for safe car and motorcycle cleaning. It is made of lambswool and a thick layer of

    natural skin guarantees longevity. The mitt absorbs a large amount of water with shampoo which ensures

    effective slip and safety for the paint. Comfortable wristband cares for the ease of work and delicate

    bristle ease the maintenance, because dirt is rinsed quickly and efficiently.

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    This extra plush, absorbent, super soft and non-scratching wash mitt is gentle on your vehicle’s finish and delivers an amazing wash unlike any other.
    Manufactured from two of the softest materials available; chenille and microfiber. Softer than the finest sheepskin mitt with the incredible absorption of microfiber.
    The ultra-fat spun fingers hold loads of soapy water delivering a premium wash that lubricates the surface while reducing friction.
    Features : Super-Soft Chenille and Microfiber Gentle on your vehicle’s finish 100% Scratch and Lint Free Holds more soap and water than other wash mitts Elastic cuff keeps mitt snug Ideal for cleaning Car /Home /Office and other valuable products Each synthetic fiber acts as if it is magnetically charged to attract negatively charged dust particles

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